Today there was a Hoarders marathon on TV and I got caught up watching a few of them.  Oh my.  After watching a couple of episodes I feel reinspired to clear out the clutter.  The people on the show had their lives turned upside down because of all their possessions and inability to let things go.   Devastating situations.   Of course those are extreme examples, but the show illustrates how possessions can ultimately control your life. 

Today I battled clothing clutter . . .again.  This time it was my baby’s out grown clothing.  I sorted them out by size and then photographed them to sell on eBay.  I came up with a strategy to sell the items with maximum ease.  I started by removing the designer name items and grouped them by manufacturer and size.  I will sell them as lots.  For example: a lot of used Gap clothing for girls sized 6-12 months.   I also separated out any pieces that were NWT (new with tags) to sell them separately.  Everything that was left I grouped into lots by size.  Photographing all the clothing was a bit time-consuming so depending on how well things sell will determine if I both with this again in the future or just drop this off at the consignment shop or Goodwill. If I clear $50 it will have been worth it.  Otherwise, probably not.  I will report back.  These items will be posted to eBay this week and hopefully I will have some successful auctions. 

Now that we have returned from vacation it is easier to focus on removing all the unnecessary stuff.  We are trying to have something leave our house each week.  As a working mom I never feel like I have enough time.  Maybe if I cull our stuff I will steal back a few moments each day.