I was able to complete the first week on the Couch to 5k Program while I was on vacation.  I started the second week’s program yesterday and it went really well.  Because I was on vacation the first week was completed running outside on a paved path.  This week I am able to use my treadmill in my cooled basement.  It makes a huge difference. 

Unfortunately, I have not yet changed my diet so I haven’t bothered tracking my weight.  I do plan on making changes to my diet this week so hopefully the combination of change in diet with regular exercise will equal many pounds lost.    I plan on providing running updates weekly so I can easily see my improvements.

I downloaded an app onto my iphone for the program.  It’s called C25k by Bluefin Software.  It was $2.99 and well worth it.  It allows you to add your songs to be played during your run and at the  time frames, depending on which day you are on it will tell you to start the run or walk portions.  This is so much easier than trying to keep track of it all yourself while you are running.  Especially in the first few weeks when you are constantly switching from running to walking and vice versa.  The app also allows you to track your weight, speed, calories burned, running terrain, weather, and there is a section to journal about your run as well.  All the numeric data you enter is then graphed for you so you can see your progress.  This is all so handy.  so far I do not have any complaints

My ultimate goal is to complete the Broad Street Run in Philly.  It is a total of 10 miles so I have quite a long ways to go.  But really, if I am just able to run a 5k the I will be pretty proud and feel pretty accomplished in terms of my fitness level.