The EveryGirl’s Guide to Life, by Maria Menounos is straightforward and practical, which I appreciate.  I first heard about the book when Maria was promoting it on Howard  Stern. It piqued my interest so when I saw it out on display I flipped through it. My original thought was that it would make a good gift for my niece who was turning 17 . Later in the day I flipped through it some more and realized that there were tips I could use.  So, I went back to the bookstore and purchased one for myself the next day. Maria makes many recommendations throughout the book, quite a few of which I am incorporating into my life.  These include purchasing a steamer (so that I can avoid ironing), and creating a binder that contains all vital information including names, addresses, credit card info, insurance info, etc..  The section on her skin care and make-up regiment was particulary useful to me as I am make-up challenged.  Maria recommended specific products and gave detailed instructions. I have since purchased some of those products and I think her tips are making some aspects of my life easier. (i.e., I am loving the Neutrogena face wipes, purchased bulk on sale at Costco).  I am also planning on trying some of the recipes she included. 

Now, I don’t agree with everything in the book of course. The section where she talks about the type of car you drive and the impression it leaves made me literally LOL. She sounds pretty pretentious there but I just chalked it up to the LA celebrity lifestyle. 

I would love to see a follow-up book from Maria if she should ever become a mother. She is hyper-organized and I think she would probably come -up with some great tricks and hacks for working moms.  For me that was one of the problems with the book – some of her recommendations just won’t work for a mom of young children.  For example, she uses the “stacking approach” for running her errands.  In theory this a great idea.  However, in reality I can not spend that mouch time lugging my toddler around in one day.  I would love to knock out all of my errands in one day and be done with them, but my toddler just doesn’t have the patience. 

 All in all it is a fun, easy, useful read.  It makes an excellent graduation gift for High School or College grads.  It also works for women like myself,who still are struggling with some aspects of organizing their lives even though they are in their mid 30s.