Well, its been 7 months since I last posted.  Returning to work had a larger impact on my blogging and decluttering than I anticipated.  I did however continue to declutter. So here is my quick update: I took my clothes to the adult consignment shop and they accepted about half of them.  I think I made around $30.  I also took my fall/winter maternity clothes to a consignment shop.  I believe I made around $40 on those.  I have also begun entertaining the idea of having a yardsale.  I had a bad experience about 6 years ago where I made virtually no money on my yardsale and so I have not attempted another one.  But because my baby is now 10 months I have quite a few large baby items I would like to get out of my house.  I have been reading yardsalequeen.com to psych myelf up about it and to learn some tips so that I actually make some money this time around. 

Other future plans include  another round of clothing drops for my summer clothes.  I still have warm weather maternity clothes to purge and my youngest’s outgrown infant clothes.   I also want to try to sell some of our unused electronics through one of the websites like gazelle.  I will do my best to provide follow-up this time around.