Well, the clothing purging has been more time consuming than I originally thought. Part of the problem is that we have clothes in multiple locations (our closet, laundry room, storage boxes, guest room closet, kicked under the furniture, etc.), so just when I thought I had made a dent in it I came upon another stash. Add to that my children’s clothes and it started to feel overwhelming which is the point I usually give up and quit. But because I started this blog and made a commitment to finally get rid of all the extraneous stuff in our lives, I have stuck with it. My other problem is that I greatly overestimated my free time, or at least the time I would be willing to devote to purging. While I do want to eliminate the unnecessary clutter from my life, I do not want this pursuit to rule my life. I have been using my last week of maternity leave to connect with family and friends and spend time cuddling my kids. Once I return to work I won’t have as many free days to see family and friends and my cuddling time will be drastically reduced. So these things took precedent this week.

We did make some progress in another area of clutter – our garage. We have a one car garage that has literally NEVER had one of cars parked in there, well, unless you count my daughters purple princess car. Today I helped my husband begin the process of sorting through it all. I organized all our extra paper towels and toilet paper courtesy of Costco, as well as, a bag of things from a previous job I left 2.5 years ago. I also came across a bag of items that belonged to my deceased mom. Dealing with items from a deceased loved one is a post in and of itself so I will save discussion of that until later. Our goal with the garage is to get it cleared out to the point where we can easily move around and then next Spring begin a major purge. I did find some baby items I never used with my first child that I am going to post on Craigslist or eBay so there may be a financial payoff to cleaning it out. Hopefully next week the clothing cleanout will be complete and then we can focus solely on getting the garage in better condition before cold weather arrives.