I am a 30 something, married, working, mother of two, living in suburbia. Sound familiar? I believe I probably fit that soccer mom demographic that was popular back in the Clinton years. Everyone in my position knows that juggling caring for 2 small children, managing a household, working 40 hours a week and maintaining a happy marriage is at times exhausting. Distractions in the form of clutter only complicate the process. I tell you all of this because I am proclaiming an assault on all the extra stuff in my life and I want you to understand my starting point in this journey of elimination. Through this blog I will chronicle my experiences at paring down the extra clutter, extra pounds, and debt in order to have more space, time and money so that my family can focus on spending time together pursuing the things we value.

My inspiration for this journey came from other bloggers. For the past couple years I have been following various blogs on minimalism, personal finance and fitness. I believe it is time for me to take the plunge and start putting into practice all I have learned. I am sharing it with you because I noticed that many of the minimalist bloggers I followed (although certainly not all) are younger and do not have children. I think the longer you wait to hop on the minimalist bandwagon the more luggage you bring. So with that in mind, if I can make a meaningful change in my life through adopting various minimalism tactics, then you will see that you can too. It is my way of paying it forward. I was inspired by others and so I hope my successes, and likely failures too, will inspire whoever stumbles across this blog to take the next step to moving toward a more minimalist approach to living. And truth be told, it’s a way to keep me moving forward by making me more accountable for following through on this assault on my accumulated stuff.