I have decided that the first area targeted for the assault will be our clothing. We have a walk in closet in our bedroom that ironically enough, we cannot walk in. I never thought of myself as someone who likes to shop or has tons of clothes. I always roll my eyes at those people on one of my favorite shows, House Hunters, that consider walking away from a otherwise great home because they don’t believe there is enough space for all their clothes. Clearly I am disillusioned about my clothing situation because the current state of our closet shows that we don’t have enough room for all our clothes. I am ashamed of this both because it is so chaotic and messy but also because it is so wasteful. How much money and time have I spent shopping for clothes I never wear?

I am in the process of sorting through all our clothes, as well as our children’s, to get rid of all those items that no longer fit and/or we no longer wear. This is all easier said than done. So far I have I dropped off clothing to a couple consignment shops, one specializing in women’s clothing and the other in children’s clothing and maternity. For anyone who hasn’t used a consignment shop, most only accept clothing from better labels and they have to be in excellent condition. Then you usually earn 30%-50% of whatever they sell for. There are also consignment stores that pay you upfront for your items. Will likely try to sell some my daughter’s nicer, dresses (for Christmas and weddings) on eBay because I think I will make more money for them there. I looked into selling my maternity clothing on eBay but after checking out what maternity clothes were selling for I realized it wasn’t work my time to photograph them all and create the listings. It was much quicker to drop them off for consignment. I have used the children’s consignment shop in the past and have made between $15 and $40 each time. Not a large amount of money but it’s something we can put toward reducing our debt and it’s always great to get unnecessary items out of my house. This is my first time using the women’s consignment shop so I don’t have any sense as to how much I will make. I plan on keeping a tab on who much money we raise by selling our unused items. I think that will serve as motivation for those times when I’d rather not deal with decluttering. The remaining items that can’t go to consignment I am placing in bags to drop off at Goodwill. I hope to be done with the entire process by the end of the week. My maternity leave is ending in a week so it will be nice to actually enter our closet when trying to get ready for work. With a newborn and a preschooler, my mornings will be chaotic enough.

So my journey to having less has begun. It feels good.